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Proudly supporting our local communities.  As New Zealand’s Original Restaurant & Saloon, we receive many requests to support schools, clubs, sporting and other organisations working to achieve great things in our local community and beyond. 

Here at Cobb & Co. we’re all about the community and our heritage as part of the New Zealand story; we are on a mission of national importance to welcome back Cobb & Co. into the hearts of every Kiwi.  

That’s why we support our local communities by gifting thousands of dollars in vouchers to deserving organisations for them to raffle, sell or use for prizes as part of their fundraising ventures, helping them achieve their goals. 

The best part is that family, friends and the community who support each cause by purchasing the vouchers then get to come in to Cobb & Co., feeling great about what they’ve done and in return create great memories of their own!

If your group needs help, send through a request and we will see what we can do to support you.