Pure Angus beef – the best in the world served to you right here at home.


We pride ourselves on serving the very best beef New Zealand has to offer and working with AngusPure allows us to do this. They have won gold in the Steak of Origin awards numerous times over the years.


AngusPure beef is so pure, so tender, and so tasty, it simply melts in the mouth.


Their Angus cattle roam the pastures of New Zealand’s vast open landscapes for all 12 months of the year, grazing and foraging on some of the finest grasses known to man. Their beef harbours rich nutrients, low fats and fine marbling, delivering extraordinary flavour.


Their story begins with the farmers, the guardians of the cattle. Traceability is paramount and so from the paddock, under the watch of inflexible quality control, AngusPure beef travels through the supply chain until it reaches your plate, right here at Cobb & Co.


Find out more about AngusPure >>>here.


Partnering with Lumina Farms means we are serving the world's best lamb right here in our restaurants.


Lumina Farms' story began with one wildly ambitious goal; to create the world’s most succulent lamb. The very pinnacle of taste.


Lumina Lamb is the culmination of a 15-year journey of exploration. Revered the world over for its delicate taste, tender texture, and reliable consistency. Its consistency and quality allow for total reliability and ease of preparation. Lumina Farms has incredibly high standards. All Lumina lambs are wethers or ewes and are verified antibiotic-free.

Find out more about Lumina Farms >>> here


Perfect coffee is no accident – it must be deliberately created, consistently and without compromise, cup after cup.


We are delighted to serve consistently delicious Nespresso coffee. Along the complex path from bean to cup, there are quicker and cheaper ways of doing what Nespresso does, but there is no better way.


A single faulty bean can taint a whole batch, which is why Nespresso takes quality control seriously, with a deliberate dedication to getting the details right at every step of the way. Their selection begins with the best raw materials they can find, because only the best beginning holds the promise of an incredible cup of coffee.

DB BREWERIES | Tuatara | Heineken

A proud partner and an iconic New Zealand company that has been part of the Kiwi landscape since 1929. This partnership allows us to serve a wide range of high-quality beers at all our locations, including globally renowned premium brands such as Heineken, and leading craft brands like Tuatara.


Heineken, the world's most international brew, offers a distinctive, balanced and refreshing flavor, enjoyed by beer lovers all over the world. This globally esteemed brand enriches our bar menu, providing an exceptional experience to our guests.


Tuatara is a homegrown craft beer originating from a backyard operation in the hills above Waikanae. Β Founded by Carl Vasta, an engineer with the tastebuds of a wine critic. Today, Tuatara, under DB Breweries, continues its journey of brewing superb ranges, including its famous American Pale Ale, known for its seductive aromas and flavors of an all-American hopping regime.

Mr. Chips | NZ's favourite

At Cobb & Co, we believe that the best dining experiences are made from the finest ingredients, and that's why we've partnered with Mr Chips.


As one of New Zealand's leading producers of premium quality potato products, Mr Chips shares our dedication to sourcing fresh, local ingredients and delivering unbeatable taste. Their scrumptious, golden chips are the perfect accompaniment to our mouth-watering meals, adding a delightful crunch to your dining experience. When you savor the crisp, delicious taste of Mr Chips at Cobb & Co, you'll understand why they're a Kiwi favorite.

Villa Maria | Wines

At Cobb & Co, we take pride in selecting the finest award-winning partners to elevate your dining experience. That's why we've teamed up with Villa Maria Wines, New Zealand's most awarded winery.


Crafting exceptional wines for over 50 years, Villa Maria shares our commitment to quality and passion for bringing people together. Their exquisite range of wines, from vibrant Sauvignon Blancs to rich Pinot Noirs, perfectly complements our diverse menu, ensuring a truly delightful dining experience. Next time you visit Cobb & Co, raise a glass of Villa Maria and toast to unforgettable moments with family and friends.

EGG POLICY | Free Range Only

At Cobb & Co. we’re committed to using only Free Range whole eggs across all our restaurants because we believe in this important animal welfare standard.

Restaurant Association of New Zealand

Cobb & Co. is a proud member of the Restaurant Association of New Zealand.We happily accept physical RANZ Giftcards and Vouchers.


RECENT SCAM WARNING: RANZ seem to have had many of these fraudulently stolen. Due to this, we can only accept the official cardboard vouchers at Cobb & Co. Rotorua.


At all locations, we reserve the right to check on the vouchers authenticity overnight. Full payment will be required in person, and we will refund you via direct bank transfer once voucher is validated.

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β€œ We came here with a party of seven and the whole experience was excellent – from our delightfully friendly (and attentive) waitress to the amazing food. We ordered starters, mains and desserts, and all the dishes were really nice. We will definitely be back! ”

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β€œFrom the moment we walked through the door, from the friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere we knew it would be a good experience. The staff were quick and the food came out fast. It was very family friendly, and our nine and seven-year-old loved the place. I got the seafood basket and it was amazing.”



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